Q: What is a life coach?

A: Life coaches are guides. They believe that you, the client, know the answers to most questions and challenges in your life. Great coaches do not advise or “fix” their clients. They are skilled at asking powerful questions and using highly effective techniques that guide you to unlock your inner wisdom. Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create a balanced and joy-filled life.

Q: Can you give examples of powerful questions a life coach may ask?

A: Here are three powerful questions: What do you want? Why do you want it? How do you want to feel once you have it? Your heart-felt answers have the power to change your life!

Q: Is a life coach a type of counselor or mental health therapist?

A: No. Life coaches are skilled guides. Their guidance should never be considered a replacement for clinical therapy.  

Q: What do you love most about being a life coach?

A: Seeing my clients’ eyes light up with hope and hearing relief and joy in their voices as their burdens are lifted.   

Q: Do you guarantee your coaching services?

A: I commit to doing my very best, valuable work! My coaching programs were created with YOU in mind. I cannot guarantee the outcome of the programs because the results from your coaching experience largely depend upon your commitment to success and applying the skills I teach you. See “What People Are Saying” about working with me.  

Q: After I enroll in a program, when will my coaching sessions begin?

A: Approximately 2-3 business days after purchase, you’ll be contacted to set up your program schedule. Soon after that you’ll receive a welcome packet via email.

Q: What does it mean to “live with grace and ease”?

A: Grace is the beauty, elegance and charm of life. The work I do with my clients reveals their inner grace by releasing dull, heavy energy that has weighed them down. Free of burdens (emotional ease), combined with the skills you will learn and apply, you’ll naturally have the opportunity to live with grace and ease.

Q: Why is the 90-Day coaching program priced premium?

A: Typically, to receive the kind of value this program provides would require a lengthy amount of traditional therapy that far exceeds the price of this program. Your Life, ClearandAligned, in 90 Days is designed to get to the roots of your most painful and stressful issues quickly, to guide you to begin to rise above your problems immediately, and to empower you to live with grace and ease. Investing in coaching pays you now and for your entire life.

Q: Do you coach minor-aged children?

A: The programs offered on this website are intended for individuals 18 and older. I coach teenagers in-person and accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Q: Do you coach couples?

A: Yes. I coach each person individually as outlined in the program of your choice. There is a harmonious feeling when the couple is working on the same lessons with the intention of improving their relationship. Each person pays the regular program fee.

Q: If I’m unable or choose not to complete the program I’m enrolled in, will I receive a refund for unused sessions?

A: No. However, I will allow a time extension if an emergency arises that delays your attendance.

Q: If I don’t want to experience the hands-on healing session in the 90-Day Program, can I skip it and still enroll in the program?

A: No. The 90-Day Program is very specialized. For optimal results, ALL sessions must be completed as outlined.

Q: What’s involved in the hands-on session in the 90-Day Program?

A: I facilitate very specialized energy work during the hands-on session.

Please Request a Free Consultation to visit about the details.

Q: I see that you’re willing to travel most anywhere in the mainland United States for the hands-on session. What is your fee to do this?

A: Click on Enroll to see all program and travel service fees.

Q: When you travel, do you facilitate the hands-on session for groups? If so, do you offer group discounts?

A: Yes. Please Request a Free Consultation to visit about the details.

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