Sondra focuses healing energy to:

• CLEAR the negative energies we hold in and around our physical bodies, and 

• ALIGN our magnificent bodies with our illuminating spirits.

“I am a public education teacher. Through Sondra's tutelage, I am learning to use my gift of empathy so that I can teach our youth how to be successful in their lives.”

                                                                                  -- Elaine S., MFA, Richfield, Utah

"Sondra has gotten me and my family through the toughest times of our lives. Many things in my life were changed after the emotional clearing and aligning, many things I hadn't even realized needed clearing. To have everything cleared at once, rather than bits and pieces at a time, was amazing. I didn't have to remember certain things or talk about them to have them cleared. My stance on life has been brighter since then and things seem to make more sense now."           

                                                                                       -- Michelle J., Corydon Iowa

"What a beautiful and magical session! My eyes were opened to another level of understanding. My life has taken a turn for the better from the clearing Sondra did.
Many doors and windows have opened up since that’s been a whirlwind of opportunity, intentions and creating."    

                                                                                        --Penny C., Springville, Utah

"Sondra has amazed me time after time in our sessions. She has made me feel complete as I am and worthy of experiencing a life in the light and love of the Divine!”

                                                                                     --Linda S., San Antonio, Texas      

"There are no words to describe how much I love and respect Sondra. When I first met her, I was lost. I had no direction. I was overwhelmed with no self-esteem, skewed life perceptions and fear-based thinking patterns. Working with Sondra has helped me learn coping skills and techniques to handle life's situations. I love Sondra's kind and intuitive spirit.  She is trustworthy, honest, loving and non-judgmental. Her warmth and loving personality coupled with her approach to life coaching is exactly what I need in my life."                    

                                                                                                 --Lisa W., Payson Utah

“I have suffered from lower back pain, headaches, stress, and anxiety for many years. Sondra’s alignment technique worked wonders for me. The benefits of the experience have, unlike other so-called ‘treatments,’ lasted now for ten months. Though my busy schedule and demands have not only changed but increased, since Sondra did the alignment I am still finding myself much calmer, more confident and more centered, with an increased sense of overall wellbeing.”                             

                                                                                    --Vince B., Salt Lake City, Utah

 "Sondra is blessed to have the unique sense of how and why spiritual energy works. Her gift is a true blessing from God. I will forever be grateful for my time spent with her."  
                                                                                          --Dave C., Springville, Utah

"My clearing and alignment with Sondra was like shaking a rug. My body, spirit and brain had held onto all the experiences from my life, positive as well as negative. When I experienced my clearing, I felt the debris fall off in layers until I was filled with Light and Joy. In other words, everything I felt was positive. I still had the memory of all my life experiences but I had no negative emotions inside of me. It was a joyous occasion and continues to be a great blessing in my life. To call your work 'life changing' would be an understatement!”

                                                                                              --Kris  N., Richfield, Utah      

“Sondra Shepherd has been working with me and my family for over ten years. She never ceases to amaze us. Sondra is sensitive to the spirit as well as the body, and has a way of working through issues that allows you to let go of the negative things that hold you back from being your best self. I appreciate her insights and understanding and love. I recommend Sondra to anyone who wants to feel better and find peace in their lives.”

                                                                                      --Jamie W., St. George, UTAH

“Sondra is an amazing lady. She has helped every one of my family members improve their quality of life. Our family is stronger as a whole and individually because of working with her. The work Sondra does is priceless to me. She has helped me with self-esteem issues, forgiveness, relationships, and spirituality. She's helped my children with depression, bullying, grief, loving each other and themselves. I am a much better person because of working with Sondra and I encourage as many people as I can to seek her out and learn from her. I encourage you to allow Sondra to help you and introduce you to a more peaceful, positive, loving life.” 

                                                                                             --Sheri P., Payson, UTAH  

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