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Clear and Direct Program

“When you need direct answers and powerful solutions.”

          to the root of your most urgent problem and implement powerful solutions.

     "Sondra has amazed me time after time in our sessions. She has made me feel complete

      as I am and worthy of experiencing a life in the light and love of the Divine!”

                                                                                       --Linda S., San Antonio, Texas    

     "There are no words to describe how much I love and respect Sondra. When I first met

      her, I was lost. I had no direction. I was overwhelmed with no self-esteem, skewed life       perceptions and fear-based thinking patterns. Working with Sondra has helped me       learn coping skills and techniques to handle life's situations. I love Sondra's kind and       intuitive spirit. She is trustworthy, honest, loving and non-judgmental. Her warmth and       loving personality coupled with her approach to life coaching is exactly what I need in my       life."                

             --Lisa W., Payson Utah

Clear Transition Program

“When you’re in the process of change and growth.”

Clear Your Closet for Clarity Program

“When you feel stuck, get in the flow!”

We live in physical bodies in a physical world. Every material object we own is either our servant or our master. Being honest about our possessions and fine-tuning our relationship with them is one of the most liberating gifts we can give ourselves. It’s one of the fastest ways to transform our lives!

I offer this program in-person only and will travel to your home or office within 80 miles of Richfield, Utah.

During this 6-Hour program:

ENROLL: To enroll for Clear Your Closet for Clarity Program,

please Request a Free Consultation.

Once we’ve decided to move forward, payment will be due.


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“When you need direct answers and powerful solutions.”