My own personal journey healing from horrific abuse and despair deeply motivates me to reach out and lift others struggling in all areas of their lives. And to share the JOY of victory!  

The coaching programs on this website represent my professional experience of nearly two decades, including being mentored by master teachers in various fields. Applying what they’ve taught me, along with my natural intuitive gifts and style, I’m grateful to offer these services to you.

I draw upon my experiences as a wife (32 years and counting!), a mother of four grown-up children, a grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. The ups and downs of marriage and family life, financial setbacks, health challenges, deaths of loved ones, and many other circumstances have been and still are some of my greatest teachers.

Professional portrait and experience:

“Sondra has an uncommon skill set and style that has been extremely helpful for me as well as other members of my family. My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to experience one of Sondra's unique gifts as we each participated in a clearing and alignment session. These sessions had a very positive impact for each of us. There were several areas of my life in which I was feeling restrained or stuck. I have since been able to move forward in those areas without feelings of limitation. My daughter was able to let go of some long-harbored frustrations and feelings of insecurity. It was quite liberating for both of us and we are very grateful for this wonderful woman and her unique abilities to help others in so many ways.”                            

                                         --Jani P., Richfield, Utah

My Healing Journey

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4 generations from left to right: me, my mom, my youngest daughter and her baby girl.

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