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 Meet My Personal Assistant

It’s a pleasure to introduce my personal assistant, Kristina Nielson. She has worked for major corporations in positions of tremendous trust and responsibility. Her love and compassion for others is unmatched. I hope you enjoy reading her message to you as much as I enjoy working with her:

I was raised in a rural community and was allowed to explore from one end of town to the other without parental worry or fear for my safety. In many of our home movies I am climbing trees, rolling down green hills, making mud pies, riding my horse, playing with the dog, or on a walk-about and not in the movie at all.

In my early childhood I was given various chores. I would get up early, prior to school, and do them. My motivation was that I wanted to have play time right after school and all day on Saturdays. I encouraged my siblings and friends to do the same so that everyone could have play time; because I enjoyed it so much, I knew they would too. One of my core values is to treat everyone as if they are my family because I believe in my heart that we truly are One Family.

One of my favorite things is to be by the ocean soaking up the tranquility of the salt air while white, billowy clouds float by in the blue sky. That setting seems to relax, rejuvenate and restore well-being in the center of my soul.

I am a better person because many wonderful people share their experiences with me, linking us together on our journey.


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