My Healing Journey

My name, Sondra, means “defender of mankind.” One of my earliest memories is as a toddler wrapped in a soft blanket lying in my mother’s arms, gazing up at the stars. Enchanted by the glistening heavenly lights, I mouthed my first words, “See…see!” My siblings fondly called me See-See after that.

Between the ages of eight and seventeen, and unknown to my parents, I was abused at the hands of people who lived a double life. The abuse was so horrific that I had no recollection of it when I returned home after sleepovers at their house. Unexplained despair and rage were labeled “teenaged struggles.”  Eating disorders--my drug of choice--ravaged my body, and unresolved issues drove me to the brink of insanity. I felt like dying and nearly did.  

Later, when I moved far away from the perpetrators, married a gentle and supportive man and had two young children, the memories began to surface in the form of nightmares.  

One summer evening, I knelt in our dark living room and poured out my heart to God. I told him that I didn’t love myself enough to live for me, but I loved my children more than life itself and wanted to raise them. I begged him to heal me, and if he would, I vowed I would spend the rest of my life lifting others out of despair and other burdens of life.

My desperate prayer was answered. A wonderful counselor, Dr. Frost, began working with me. “Frosty,” as I lovingly call him, said, “Sondra, I absolutely believe that you can completely heal and be and do anything you desire.” I found the courage to believe him.

I was led from one healer, doctor, workshop, spiritual teacher, etc. to another. It felt like I took one step forward and three steps back. Gradually, by overcoming food addictions, my body regained vitality. I let go of rage, grief, hatred and revenge, layer by layer and my emotions began to stabilize. We had two more children and I continued my healing journey. And on it went, year after year. When our youngest daughter was five, I earned a massage therapy license and started officially helping others. I continued being mentored by master-teachers in a variety of skills and earned a doctorate degree in philosophy, specializing in holistic life coaching.

My professional work confirmed that until people resolve their emotional and spiritual wounds, their bodies don’t heal. I became fascinated by generational influences in our lives and the power of forgiveness. I applied what I was learning to my life with wonderful results, then shared with my clients, who also experienced profound healing. Their healings were profound, but the process was tedious. So, for many years, I vigilantly searched for methods that rapidly get to the cause of our problems, that work deeply, and result in lasting change.

I’m grateful to announce that Your Life, ClearandAligned, in 90 Days is the result of that search--the culmination of my personal and professional experiences to this point. Welcome!

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