After you enroll, you’ll receive a welcome packet via email and I’ll contact you to set up your program schedule.  

Except for Weeks 2 and 12, all sessions are via phone and are approximately 60 minutes each.

Week 1: Pre-clear and align: Just like watering soil in a garden before pulling weeds, our bodies, minds and spirits need preparation to release the “weeds” that are stunting our growth. I’ll share about specific weeds that are keeping you stuck and how those will be removed in your next session. Next week’s energy healing is the foundation of your 90 Day Program’s success.

Week 2: 2-hour hands-on energy healing: Follow-up call 3-4 days after your energy healing and prep for next week’s call.

Week 3: Master Your Thoughts: We will focus on your 3 brains—the brain in your head, the brain in your heart, and the brain in your stomach—and how they communicate with each other. You are the master of them all.  

Week 4: No call: You will be actively applying what you’ve learned so far and we’ll connect via email this week.

Week 5: Healthy Boundaries: Be true to yourself. Other people learn to treat us by watching how we treat ourselves.

Week 6: Master Your Memories: Our subconscious and memories can’t be erased. Nor would we want that, because wisdom is part of our memories. It’s in our best interest, though, to master how we allow our memories to impact our lives. Memory-mastery is a critical skill for you to maintain your clarity and alignment.

Week 7: Forgive: A powerful experience! Forgiveness sets you FREE.

Week 8: No call: You will be actively applying what you’ve learned so far and we’ll connect via email this week.

Week 9: Turn Sabotage into Success: I’ll guide you to meet one of your sub-personalities who plays a very important role in your life. You will negotiate success with your sub-personality.

Week 10: Clear Your Closet for Clarity: We live in physical bodies in a physical world. Every material possession we have is either our servant or our master. Being honest about our possessions and fine-tuning our relationship with them is one of the most liberating gifts we can give ourselves. It’s one of the fastest ways to transform our lives!

Week 11: Get the Big Picture: To this point, we’ve focused on YOU! Today we’ll focus on your value to others—on loving and serving your family, friends, community and the world.

Week 12: BONUS: “Transformation Day.” You and I will spend 6 dynamic hours together—celebrating your victories of the last 3 months and diving deep into one area of your choice. What is the #1 problem you would like to solve today? I will fine-tune your energy balance. You will leave with a clear plan how to proceed from here. Lunch or dinner included. (Value $1,500)

If you’re unable to travel for the bonus, I will custom-design a dynamic experience for you, facilitated via phone or Skype.

Priority email communication with me, as needed and within reason, during the entire program: As your coach, I have your back! An excellent coach knows when to walk beside you and help pull the load and when to have you pull strength from deep within yourself for your greatest growth.

Session summary and worksheets emailed to you within 48 hours after session, when applicable: During each session I ask for your Take-Away (what about the session inspired you and how you plan to act upon that inspiration). I email a typed summary of the session, and worksheets or outlines of your personalized assignments. At the beginning of our next session, you’ll share your Wins/Successes during the week and how you’d like to adjust your focus for the coming week.


ENROLL: To enroll for the 90-Day Program, please Request a Free Consultation.

Once we’ve decided to move forward, payment will be due.

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