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Welcome to the website of ClearandAligned.com

Do you feel it in your bones—there’s a greater YOU trapped inside your body—but you don’t know how to get free to live the life you desire?

My name is Sondra Shepherd. I specialize in clearing your most painful and stressful issues with grace and ease, and guiding you to be fully aligned with who you truly are.

I use rare methods that rapidly get to the cause of your problems, that work profoundly, and result in lasting change.

Investing in coaching PAYS YOU NOW and for your entire life!

“The work Sondra does is priceless to me. Our family is stronger as a whole and individually because of working with her. She has helped me with self-esteem issues, forgiveness, relationships, and spirituality. She's helped my children with depression, bullying, grief, loving each other and themselves. I am a much better person because of working with Sondra and I encourage as many people as I can to seek her out and learn from her. I encourage you to allow her to help you and introduce you to a more peaceful, positive, loving life.”                                         --Sheri P., Payson, Utah

Someone coached me, gave me hope, and saved my life. Now, as a professional life coach and energy healer, I’m passionate about serving others. Please join me for the transformation of your life!



When you need direct answers and powerful solutions.

Clear and Aligned

"Bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be."

What do you love most about being a life coach?

“Seeing my clients’ eyes light up with hope and hearing relief and joy in their voices as their burdens are lifted.”

I am a public education teacher. Through Sondra's tutelage, I am learning to use my gift of empathy so that I can teach our youth how to be successful in their lives. - -Elaine S., Richfield, Utah

Sondra focuses healing energy to:

• CLEAR the negative energies we hold in and around our physical bodies, and

• ALIGN our magnificent bodies with our illuminating spirits.

Client Testimonial

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Coaching Movie Trailer

I’m thrilled to support the World’s First Full Feature Coaching Documentary created by multiple award-winning film makers!

This movie gets to the heart of coaching worldwide.

Enjoy this inspiring trailer and consider being part of the movie’s creation Behind-the-Scenes.


Client Testimonial

Sondra Shepherd

Professional Life Coach

  Sondra Shepherd, Ph.D.


(435) 201-4808


160 North 300 West,

Richfield, Utah 84701

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The Coaching Movie is a full-length documentary featuring the most influential Coaches in the field of Executive, Business, Life, Sports, and Relationship Coaching from around the world. The story will follow five everyday people who each struggle with an issue relating to a specific Coaching field and who transform their lives through coaching.

The mission of the Coaching Movie is to inspire 1 million people to overcome their challenges by taking action and transform their lives through the help of a coach. Get first hand insights into the making of the film and see the benefits of coaching, RIGHT HERE on “Coaching Live”—the new online TV show. Bookmark this page and visit often!

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